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Meet the crew

Meet the TVET Jobs Team

We are a group of professionals who are passionate about promoting & developing TVET around the world. We are happy to hear from you, get in touch!
TVET Jobs Team: Olympiada
Olympiada Wohlin-Elkovsky
Olympiada has worked in an international organization based in Vienna and has 6+ years of work experience in finance, tax and business development.
TVET Jobs Team: Timo
Timo Wohlin-Elkovsky
Timo has 10+ years of work experience in the field of technical training equipment and instructional technology. He has run various companies related to TVET.
TVET Jobs Team: Peter
Dr. Peter Monari Joseph
Regional Ambassador for Africa
Peter has 11+ years of professional experience in TVET, skills development and employment promotion, as well as trainee mobilization. Peter also serves as Worlddidac Ambassador for Education for African Region, and as a Consultant ~ Partnership and Resource Mobilization for education at UNESCO Regional Office for Eastern Africa.
TVET Jobs Team: Future Member
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Are you passionate about TVET and would like to help us grow our job board? We are looking for doers who can help us with outreach and partnerships. Does this sound like you? Contact us, we are natively remote.