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Heinz Ropertz

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Areas of Specialization:
Project Management, Construction, Market Needs Assessment, Organizational and Institutional Development, Development of Management Information Systems (MIS) for Vocational Training
Years of Experience in TVET:
Based in:
English, German
Heinz Ropertz
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Professional Summary

Heinz is an expert with more than 40 years of working experience.

His specializations include:

• Long experience in managing international complex intercultural cooperation on outcome-based project-management  and implementation.

• Experience in training entrepreneurs in the framework of vocational training, support in finding employment, establishment of pilot incubation centres as a contribution to sustainable development of employment promotion.

• Gender empowerment of women with their independence and in their socio-economic environment with equal status within all training in the various vocational training sectors

• Project and program management in vocational training for construction planning, execution and monitoring of vocational Institutes and Centre of Competences (CoC)

• Experience in professional leadership in project-budgeting, and in personnel recourses and matters

• Long-time experience in project management for international cooperation and complex Buildings

• Management and assessment of local market- needs as base for demand-driven Vocational Training, for employee’s promotions and independence.

• Organizational and Institutional Development, planning and implementation set-ups TVET Colleges

• Study of TVET Sector and development of Management Information Systems (MIS) for Vocational Training and implementation of data information flow in the TVET sector, for financing, training, and administration sector.

• Leadership/ Management of construction and project management (systemic management) for public authorities and urban planning offices.

Heinz Ropertz
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