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How Does it Work

Who can register?


Any professional or consultant with experience in technical and vocational education and training (TVET) can register, independent of exact area of specialization within TVET, years of experience, location, citizenship etc.

How can I register?


Please submit the form below, and then send your CV and photo to

Is registration for free?


Yes, and it will always be. If you later get hired through us, we will also not charge you anything for our mediation services.

How do I know that my expert profile has been created?


You will get a success message after the form submission. Due to high amount of registrations, we might not answer on your email with CV and photo. But if we receive only the online form, and not the CV, we will get in touch with you per email.

I registered. What now?


Your profile has been saved within our internal database. We will contact you when we think that your profile fits the requirements of any ongoing recruitment that we manage.

How long it might take to receive your first offer, totally depends on your profile and nature of ongoing recruitments. We screen all our registered experts on a constant basis. We will surely contact you if we believe that you might fit to any of the open positions.

Can I get a public profile?


We create public profiles for a very limited amount of experts as per our choice. Majority of profiles are not published online and are saved within our internal records only. This does not affect your chances of getting recruitment offers through us in any way.

If you are interested in having a public profile, please select the checkbox "YES" in the registration form. The choice to publish a profile publicly or not, is at TVET Jobs discretion. We do not charge anything for creating public profiles.

How can I change or delete my data? How is it stored?


You can always contact us at and request any updates or deletion of your data. In the future we plan to have a more sophisticated system, where you will have a possibility to login and update your profile online.

We handle your personal data with care. By ticking the checkbox in the registration form, you agree to our terms & conditions and privacy policy. You can anytime get in touch with us at and we will update or delete any of your data.

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